random quarter

October 7, 2012

one. i spend sunday mornings watching cbs sunday morning, face the nation, and this week with my parents.

two. i can't stand david axelrod. the words that come out of that pompous, styleless moron irk me SO much.

three. a friend posted as his facebook status "be that 53%". and this is the best reaction to the bashing romney's taken for that video about 47% wouldn't vote for him. not too long ago, i heard ann coulter vehemently defend romney's comment, saying that the quote was taken out of context and twisted around so that the democrats could use the soundbite as a weapon to deflate romney's campaign.

four. i watched a bit of that debate. i have to get up supremely early, so i didn't stay up for the whole thing. but i waited to hear each candidate response to the first question. and i gotta say, romney did a helluva lot better than obama. and i was SO glad of this.

five. and the democrats, as quoted by george stephanolopous (who's a democrat himself), are calling romney masterful, theatrical and dishonest? really? those are words i would use to describe obama's campaign speeches from his first run.

six. i love james carville and mary matalin. i love how vocal he is, how animated, how firm he is in his convictions. like when he's bashing obama for not reacting more quickly to the gulf's oil crisis. i like how cool matalin is. how they are complete opposites and yet so perfect for each other. so complementary.

matalin on obama's presence in the debate: can i state the obvious here? he didn't bring his game because he doesn't have one. and in response to krugman's idiotic arguments: yes, it does, professor, doctor krugman... you're hardly credible on calling someone else a liar. and i love watching her face when her husband speaks. she cracks me up.

seven. and the stupid politicians keep going on about romney and big bird or that stupid tape. oh, good lord.

eight. i have great respect for new jersey's governor christie just because on a previous episode of this week, george asked him if he liked a guy and he said no. and that was it. and when george prompted him to expound on that, he said, again, no, he didn't like him. and that was that. and i love that about him. i love that when a question required a yes or no answer, he gave the simple and concise. the one that lacked any bullshit.

nine. the unemployment rate's gone down? well, of course it has! christmas is in two months! retail business are hiring part-time help. look at that statistic again mid-january.

ten. my mother just showed me a blurb in parade about the african american version of steel magnolias to be shown on lifetime's network. i really don't see why anyone would feel it necessary to regurgitate a story that's already been told (and superbly well, at that), and justify the retelling by changing the color of the cast. i find this despicable, really. we should be past this by now. i think this disrespects the equality so many civil rights leaders fought for so long ago. it's the twenty-first century, for crying out loud. a white film version and a black film version? come on. i've complained about this before. but it chaps my butt a bit, okay?

eleven. ten biggest pet peeves: A.) an inability to respect others' personal space, especially on the interstate. GET OFF MY ASS. you are driving a metal box that weighs TWO THOUSAND POUNDS at seventy miles per hour. you can do some serious damage to someone else's metal box, possibly causing damage to the person driving that metal box. you are driving it like you are the most important person on that road, and YOU ARE NOT. at night, if your headlights are illuminating the stickers on the rear windshield of the car before you so well that you can read the words on it, you are too damned close. your lights shouldn't be on the car in front of you at all, actually. BACK OFF; B.) alarm clocks; C.) brothers; D.) false kindness, as in don't be sweet to my face and stab me in the back. this is the most hateful lie. if you don't like me, fine. be civil. but don't hug on me and smile at me as though we're pals; E.) production companies spending millions of dollars on really bad cinema; F.) my father preferring to watch bad cinema as opposed to football G.) jesse palmer and craig james serving as commentators for any football game; H.) the volume levels while my father is watching television; I.) having to repeat myself to my father multiple times because he can't hear (i can't imagine why this could be.); J.) laundry.

twelve. i think cloud atlas is gonna bomb in the box office. there are some films that should NOT be made, and this seems to be one of'm.

thirteen. i am SICK of seeing advertisements made by bp trying to redeem themselves for the destruction they caused to the gulf. you suck. you will always suck. i don't want to hear about how much you've invested in the u.s. or how committed you are to the gulf. if that were the case, you wouldn't need to make those investments or convince the public of that commitment.

fourteen. five weaknesses: A.) jedi mind tricks would work wonders on me (and it's usually me doing the tricks on myself); B.) bread; C.) carbonated, caffeinated beverages; D.) cheese; E.) vulnerability.

fifteen. five strengths: A.) resiliency; B.) compassion; C.) generosity; D.) talent; E.) style (though this isn't always evident).

sixteen. i wish i were better with people, especially guys.

seventeen. on my body, i like the color of my eyes the best. just the color, though. not the shape.

eighteen. i've never read moby dick. my father's watching the encore version of the tale. i'm not impressed.

nineteen. i don't like ethan hawke. never thought he was cute. couldn't understand the fascination with him and his character in reality bites. i recall so many people loving that movie. i didn't get it.

twenty. i think i've only gone sailing once. and it was so long ago that i don't remember if i liked it or not. i do remember it was with someone who was a friend to me at the time, so long as no one else was looking.

twenty-one. i'm getting my allergies tested tomorrow. i'm not looking forward to it. supposedly you get pricked a whole bunch. i've a hard time getting pricked once.

twenty-two. lately, i've been having very bad dreams. the kind that involve worms crawling out of me. very unsettling things.

twenty-three. i watched the perks of being a wallflower last night. loved it. and while i watched it, i wish i'd had the courage in my youth to eat my lunch in the cafeteria, alone, rather than in the band hall, alone. or forced myself to go to a dance and dance, even as clumsily and awkwardly as i do it, rather than hiding in my room instead.

twenty-four. i've not been to california in more than twenty years. i go next week. i'm kind of excited.

twenty-five. and i go to attend my first writer's digest conference. i'm kind of excited about that, as well.