random quarter: the q&a edition - december

December 13, 2014

one. on a scale of one to ten, how happy are you? four.

two. do you want to know how it ends? not really.

three. who do you miss? my older brother.

four. what is your most recent act of generosity? salvation army's angel tree gifts.

five. where do you find joy? little things and the twins.

six. what's on your wish list? better lives for the twins.

seven. what is your biggest regret? not loving my brother better.

eight. why are you impressive? generosity, compassion, intelligence, talent, resilience.

nine. moderation or excess? moderation.

ten. what do you find irresistible? pretty eyes, tattooes, strength, kindness.

eleven. if you had to move to a new city, where would you move? don't know. somewhere near water.

twelve. what do you like to talk about? fiction, film and football.

thirteen. what's your favorite cereal? honeycomb/cap'n crunch/corn pops.

fourteen. write down five words that describe today. heartbreaking morning... better... then best.

fifteen. on a scale of one to ten, how spontaneous were you today? two.

sixteen. when was the last time you felt at peace? for a second... yesterday.

seventeen. snuggle down or go out and play? snuggle down.

eighteen. what details from today would you like to remember? fortune parking, pleasant workday and evening.

nineteen. today you gained another pound, i'm sure.

twenty. how ambitious do you feel today? not at all so.

twenty-one. what surprised you today? getting a first-row parking space.

twenty-two. if you could change one thing about today, what would it be? i'd find the right words.

twenty-three. where do you see yourself next year? the same place.

twenty-four. what is your dream vacation? a beach, booze and books.

twenty-five. list what you've eaten for the past week. ice cream, steak, vegetables, junk.